10 Blogger Commandments We Could All Benefit From Following

Who’s been a bad blogger, then? If you said me, you’d be right-I’ve really been slacking lately and that’s JUST NOT ON!

Seriously, though. Sometimes life gets in the way, and mine really and truly has. I’m now back, and I’m organised, and I’m on it. Today I wanted to tell you the 10 commandments, or rules, that I’ve set myself-I think these will help me but will also help others. (Chances are you are following some or all of these already, and of course if these don’t work for you then ignore me-I am not the blogging guru and I don’t know everything, all I know is what I personally should be doing) I hope that following these commandments will help me to grow Inside Laura’s Head, build and maintain friendships with other bloggers, and most of all, enjoy blogging.

1) Thou shalt plan and schedule posts

This is a no brainer for those of us with busy lives. Plan, prepare, type up and schedule at least some posts, or even just have some saved as drafts, so that when life gets too hard you can still post. I REALLY need to follow this one!

2) Thou shalt be thyself

Always remember that your blog is yours and only YOU know how to do it justice. Don’t try to be anyone else, don’t copy anyone else-being inspired by someone is fine and flattering, copying their post almost word for word is not (yes, I have been told. Please STOP!)

3) Thou shalt take part in Twitter chats

If you are on Twitter, one of the best ways to meet other bloggers and promote your blog is to take part in Twitter chats. I don’t do this often enough and I need to get better at it.

4) Thou shalt use thy Facebook page

I, like a lot of other bloggers, have a Facebook page. My new posts are automatically linked to it. But what else do I do with it? Well, at the moment, not that much. In the coming weeks I will be working out different ways I can use it to further engage with my readers, and to promote Inside Laura’s Head.

5) Thou shalt learn to use Pinterest

I have no real idea what I’m meant to do with Pinterest. I just pin stuff wily nily and that’s that. If you’ve written a post that explains how I’m meant to be using it, please, enlighten me!

6) Thou shalt promote my posts

Currently, my new posts are tweeted and Facebook’d once I put them up. And usually, that’s it. From now on, I will promote these in as many ways as I can-via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my own Facebook, Groups, Forums and any other ways I can think of.

7) Thou shalt not spam

Contrary to point 6, there IS such a thing as promoting your posts too much. I vow to make sure my Twitter feed isn’t constant self promotion and nothing else-there is nothing that makes me unfollow someone quicker when all they do is link to their blog and social media over and over, and never tweet anything else.

8) Thou shalt comment on other blogs

I am the worst for this. I read a post, enjoy it, comment to myself about it, then forget it. Well, no. Someone has put work into that post, will it really kill me to take a few minutes of my time to tell them what I think of it? If I love it, is it going to be a bad thing to tweet it to my followers? No. I promise I will start to do this, like I hope people will to my blog.

9) Thou shalt interact with other bloggers on social media

I follow a lot of bloggers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But, with the exception on Twitter, thats ALL I do. From now on, I vow to spend some time, even if only 10 minutes, commenting on Facebook and Instagram posts from people. I’m hoping this will make them want to comment back to me, but even if they don’t, it will make them feel good. And that’s a great thing.

10) Thou shalt remember that blogging is FUN, and enjoy it

This isn’t the case for everyone, I know. If you are a full time blogger then obviously this one doesn’t apply, as you have bills to pay. Sorry. If, though, you blog as a hobby, like I do-enjoy it. Blog about silly things once in a while. Blog something that makes you laugh. Just have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously, your readers will love you for it.

What commandments would you add? Do you follow these, or do you plan to now? Let me know in the comments below!



    • June 27, 2015 / 8:10 pm

      Thanks! Yes, in an ideal world we all should. I am definitely going to try to be better, for the next week I’m literally giving myself a time slot to do these things until it comes naturally! X

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