10 Things I Love About Christmas

I love Christmas. Want to know why? Well, good. Because here are 10 things I love about Christmas!


1) My favourite song EVER EVER EVER is played ALL THE TIME. That’ll be Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Altogether now: ‘Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t want a lot for Christmas…’ TUNE.


2) Presents. Who doesn’t love presents?


3) Eating chocolate for breakfast is totally acceptable.


4) White chocolate Toblerone are a thing. For one month only. Unless you’re in airport duty free.



5) Buying presents for other people makes me so happy. I love the chance to buy for everyone at once.


6) Snow! I like snow, but only once a year, when I don’t have to be anywhere. The rest of the time-no thank you.


7) It’s my birthday! December 18th is my birthday so it’s always a Christmas thing for me.


8) Christmas jumpers! Enough said.



9) Christmas parties! I’m temping this year and the place I’ve been working at had my contract ending this Friday just gone, so I wasn’t expecting to be at a Christmas party. BUT they’ve extended my time there by a week and invited me to their party on Tuesday. Yay!


10) A big turkey dinner, and a day lounging on the sofa watching telly with family. There really is nothing better.




What do you love about Christmas?



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