10 Ways I Win At Life



This is a very lighthearted post in response to my 10 Ways I Suck At Life post. This is also a lighthearted, jokey one-so don’t be reading it thinking ‘well she thinks she’s amazing, silly cow’ please. Ta!


  1. I make people laugh. And myself. A LOT.


I never realised it, but as I’ve got older I’ve turned into the class clown. You know, that person who pokes fun at themselves and sometimes, gently, at others (who they KNOW will find it funny). When situations are a bit scary, something needs diffusing, or it’s quiet-there’s me, with the jokes. People laugh, and I feel ACE.


  1. I’m a brilliant listener and therefore a great friend.


Got a problem? Oh no. Wanna talk? Okay, I’m your girl. I’ll even buy you a cuppa. What’s up, tell Auntie Laura!



  1. I’m good with work related advice.


It comes from working for a Union for so long.I know my shit!



  1. I can talk to, and relate to, most people.


Which means I find social events easy, mostly. Introduce me to someone with a fact about them and I’ll chat away with them all night. It’s a useful skill.


  1. I will more than happily let you borrow my makeup.


Need a new look for the night? Have a date, or something? Come see me!


  1. I will more than happily let my friends borrow my makeup.


OBVIOUSLY as a blogger I have lots, and I am more than willing to share the wealth so to speak. Also clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery-friends, just shout if you need an outfit or a different lippy for the night. I have my uses.



  1. I will usually be the designated driver.


I’m not much of a drinker, unless I am on a proper night out. So if we nip to the pub midweek, or go out for tea, or to a quiz or something-you can drink, I’ll drive. I don’t have a drink either, so you don’t need to worry about me having a couple and being over the limit. Cola for me, please!


  1. I am happy to drive long distances and to places I don’t know, to see someone I want to see or attend something I want to attend.


Life is too short to be too scared to leave your hometown because you can’t drive on motorways or don’t know where you’re going. I turn my Sat Nav on and crack on. Roads of the world, I am not afraid!


  1. I’m (mostly) still friends with my exes. Because I’m mature and forgiving.


If I’ve cared about you, I’ll always care. Treat me with respect and kindness after the split and I will always be there for you. As friends, obviously. We didn’t work for a reason.



  1. I am fabulous at text flirting.


Give me a few minutes to think of a response and I AM AWESOME. Can’t beat a good flirt.


  1. I’m pretty good at looking half decent when I want to.


Brows on fleek? Yep. Nice lippy? Of course! Hair done? Obvs. Especially if it’s a date, or out with the girls. Work, I don’t usually bother, but I still dress well. Because I like to look good.


What are your ‘I win at life’ moments?


Laura xx



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