2018 A Year In Review

It’s always nice to look back on a successful year, and 2018 has been a good one for me, mostly. The year started with a press trip to Amsterdam with P & O Ferries and Bonkers Bingo¬†then a trip to Winchester in February. I was brave enough to try pink hair and realised I actually love it more than my grey, I collaborated with Cabin Zero to talk about their hand luggage range and in March I started a new job in a whole new industry for me-Fuel Cards.¬† In the first quarter of the year I attended Blog At The Beach with IceLolly.com, and I did food reviews at Lost and Found Leeds, Limeyard, Mans Market, Trinity Kitchen and Firelake Grill House.

Girl with pink hair and a neon pink jumper looks over a canal in Amsterdam, she is holding both hands up in peace signs and has her back to the camera

A girl with grey hair looks onto Winchester Cathedral, stood on a path between two trees. She is wearing a pink jumper and looking away from the camera, with both hands showing peace signs

A girl with pink hair and wearing jeans and a cat print white shirt looks out over the Humber Bridge. She has an orange cabin zero rucksack on her back, with flags of different countries sewn on

The next quarter of the year saw me reviewing Pago Juices, Wagama and Berties Elland. I visited Wroclaw, and I realised working in sales was NOT for me. I did stay there until August, though-whilst looking for another job.

Colourful pastel houses in Market Square, Wroclaw

Between July and September I bought a new camera, my Olympus Pen, and started taking a few outfit shots for myself. I worked with Pink Clove for my first fashion collaboration and then I did two more fashion posts off my own back. I spent a lot of time shopping and realised that Leopard Print is actually a neutral, so therefore I bought lots of it-it would be rude not to. In August I worked with Visit Berlin when I spent 72 hours in Berlin, a city I’ve wanted to go to for so long, and crossed ‘seeing Pandas’ off my bucket list.

A girl in a black dress with white spots sits in a window of a building covered in graffiti

Grey haired girl in a leopard print dress with a black jacket, black tights, boots and a yellow bag, stands in front of a multicoloured stripy wall

Panda lies on a wooden bed, stretched out, asleep

As 2018 ended I started a new job, in Customer Service. My health issues got worse (I have an as yet undiagnosed chronic pain condition) and alongside intensive training in my new job, both blogging and travel took a backseat. I did book a trip for February 2019, to Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and so far the new job is going well. I spent a relaxed Christmas with my family at home and got back in contact with some old friends, which rounded my year off nicely.

How was your 2018?



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