5 Books You Must Read

This post is a new one for Inside Laura’s Head for two reasons; it’s my first ever collaboration with another blogger (the lovely Lexi) and it’s my first ever book post. I love reading, I’ve always got a big to read pile and I find I sleep much better after reading a chapter or two-well, unless it’s a really gripping story, in which case I can’t put the book down! Bad Laura.

Lexi and I agreed that we’d each write a list of 5 books we’d recommend you read. You can read Lexi’s list here. I could, if I really thought about it, list 100 books you should read. But as I’m just choosing 5, I went for more mainstream books.

1) The Diary of Anne Frank

The Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities in history. Anne Frank, a young girl at the time, kept a diary of her experiences whilst her and her family hid away above an office, hoping not to be found and taken to a concentration camp. As you’ll probably know, in the end they were found. Anne’s story is incredibly moving and I just feel that we owe it to everyone who was killed to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. Reading Anne’s diary is one tiny thing that helps you to understand a tiny bit of how people must have felt.

2) My Sister’s Keeper (or anything else by Jodi Picoult, really)

Jodi covers the gritty, hard to think about subjects in her books. I learn something from every one I read. Each covers a sort of moral dilemma, and you find yourself wondering how YOU would handle the situation. If you’ve seen the film, still read the book-the book is far, far better than the film.

3) Bridget Jones Diary

I think these books are my happy place. The older I get, the more I understand Bridget. We’ve all been in the same situations. If you’re wanting a really funny, heartwarmng read, read Bridget.

4) The Magic Faraway Tree

Enid Blyton was my favourite when I was a child. We were talking about this book the other day at work and EVERYONE said how good a book it is-which surprised me, really. I didn’t expect it to be something that had such a wide appeal. If you didn’t read it as a child, read it now, and if you DID read it as a child, why not read it again? I’m going to.

5) Any of the classics

Okay so a bit of a cheat answer. But, I believe everyone should read at least one of the classics. Even though they can be hard going sometimes.

Have you read any of these books? What would you recommend I add to this list?



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