*5 Reasons To Quit Smoking

I’ve never been a smoker, but quite a few people around me are. I spend so much time telling them why they should quit that when I was asked to write this post I figured I may as well-there are SO MANY reasons you should quit smoking.

Smoking is not only bad for your health, it’s bad for your wallet too. I know that it’s an addiction for many people and that it’s pretty difficult to quit, so there are ways to help-you can see the nurse at your doctors who can signpost you to the different things, I know my ex was very successful using an ecig with different flavours of eliquid, and dropping down the percentage of nicotine in the liquid every so often. So what are some of the unseen benefits to quitting?

Healthier digestive system

Lots of people think that quitting smoking makes you put on weight because you have an increased appetite, but researchers think it’s based on a bacterial strain shift taking place inside your intestines. If you seek treatment to heal the gut flora before quitting you shouldn’t put on weight, and your insides will be so much healthier.

Better sleep

Studies show that 12% of smokers struggle to sleep at night. Quitting will help you to get to sleep, stay asleep and sleep longer-which will definitely make you feel more full of beans in the morning.

Decreased chance of getting diabetes

According to research done at the California State Polytechnic University, nicotine increases the risk of diabetes. They’ve also discovered that it can make the symptoms for existing diabetics worse. In order to see the effects of nicotine on the body, the researchers injected it into human blood and watched the results. An increase in hemoglobin A1C levels was noted, which is directly connected to blood sugar levels.

Get your heart back in shape

Quitting smoking will lower your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, and lessen your chance of a heart attack. It frustrates me massively that despite having a heart attack herself my Grandma still smokes. I really worry about her.

Look younger

Smoking essentially blocks the oxygen that’s supposed to reach your skin cells. Once you stop smoking, nothing will block the oxygen anymore and your skin’s natural smoothness will return.

Are you thinking of quitting smoking?

*This post was written in collaboration with Simply E Liquid


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