A Kilner Christmas

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Kilner UK, the company who makes all of the jars, asking me if I fancied coming to their pop up store in Liverpool for a Kilner Christmas blogger event. Liverpool is one of my favourite cities and so I really wanted to go but on a Thursday night, at 7pm, when it’d take me at least two hours to get there and similar to get home-I wasn’t sure if it was worth the journey for me. I knew that some of my favourite Liverpool bloggers were going though and so I said yes, and I’m really glad I did.

The venue was Rex, on Bold Street-a concept store which hosts pop ups from different local brands and small businesses-very cool. I need to go back there with some spending money for sure!




This was a lovely relaxed event where we spent a lot of time hanging around chatting to other bloggers and the staff from Kilner, which is always nice. They did also have some things planned for us though, to showcase the many different users for the Kilner jars.

We were given different flavoured liquers to try (all made in Kilner jars, obvs) sadly I could only sip one as I had the car and three shots would DEFINITELY have put me over the limit. There were also different cocktails to try. I had a couple of sips of one and then had to be sensible. Boo.


We were then fed, Avocado Hommos, a fancy salad, and some gorgeous yoghurt. All served in Kilner jars. The yoghurt was immense, I had mine for my breakfast at work the next day. Yum!



My favourite part of the night was the Freakshake table. We got to make our own mini Freakshakes, in mini Kilner jars (so many jars, such a happy Laura) I am really proud of my effort, you can see it below-it tasted as good as it looked.



To top off a brilliant event, we were told we could keep the jars we had hold of (our empties from the food/drink/freakshakes) and THEN we were given a goodybag, which contailed a kilner jar, some mulled wine spices and some red wine. I don’t like wine sadly, so have gifted mine to a friend who said it was lovely (I kept the jar!)


I was quite surprised at the number of different Kilner products that were on sale. They had all sorts from the normal jars to a spiralizer, and everything in between. I have my eye on three of the pink bottles in one of the above photos, and a large drink dispenser. It’d be fab to make a cocktail in at parties!

I never realised there were so many different uses for a Kilner jar, and I’m planning some future posts to show you the many ways I’ve been using mine. The Kilner Christmas event has just made me want to buy ALL OF THE JARS.

Are you a Kilner fan?



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