A Little Life Update, And What’s New For Inside Laura’s Head

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed I’ve been very very quiet recently, both on here and on my social media. I started my new job at the end of February and I’ve been so tired from working all day when I’m not used to it, and concentrating so hard on the new things I have to learn. I’ve also been (rightly) prioritising my freelance clients over my own blogging, and so things have really fallen by the wayside. However…I’m back!


I’m going to make some changes on here, though. For starters, instead of aiming for daily posts and then making myself feel bad when I don’t achieve that, I’m going for four posts a week. These will be a mixture of things depending on what’s going on with me. Variety is the thing I love most about this blog.


I’ll be more active on Twitter, too. I’ll also have regular new content on my Facebook page, so you should go and like me on there (links to all social media at the end of this post) because I’ll be updating that twice daily. And my Instagram account will be updated far more regularly, too.


I’ve got some exciting content coming up, including: 10 things you should know about Pole Dancing, a review of a gorgeous blogging themed necklace, some easter baking, how I do my gel nails, and lots of other lovely stuff.


So yeah, I’m back-what have I missed?




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