Hi, I’m Laura, a 32 year old blogger from Rastrick, West Yorkshire, with pink hair and a strong belief that Leopard Print is a neutral. I’m a big fan of travel, preferring to go it solo rather than in a group-mostly because my love for stopping every four paces to take a photo can annoy other people a fair bit. I’m on a mission to see as much of the world as I can, starting with cities, with an aim to have visited at least one city in forty countries by my fortieth birthday. So far I’ve done twelve countries, with a further ten planned for 2019, including some very exciting long haul destinations.

In any city you’ll find me searching for street art, hunting down the very best street food, and drinking cocktails in a pretty bar where I can sit outside and watch people. Oh, and stroking all of the dogs (I co-own a Lhasapoo called Buster and he’s the best thing in this world) My favourite cities so far are Havana, Liverpool and Amsterdam, and I definitely left a little bit of my heart in Wroclaw too.

Photo credit: CaitlinĀ 

My travel bag always contains my laptop or tablet, camera, phone, and teabags-give me a cup of Yorkshire Tea and I’m ready to take on the world. There’s always be a bright lipstick or three, a guidebook on the city I’m in and, strangely, UNO! I’ll usually have some obscure souvenirs (part of the Berlin Wall and a small bronze statue of a Dwarf are two of my favourites) and lots of treats from the nearest supermarket. Seriously, if you don’t check out the local supermarket when you’re somewhere new, you’re missing out.

As a mid size (not quite plus size, not quite standard size) girl I enjoy looking at the outfit choices of similar sized women, and I’m trying to feature more of my style across Inside Laura’s Head and it’s social media. I’m PR friendly (is there a blogger who isn’t?) and I’m always happy to hear from travel and fashion brands who think we’d be a good partnership. Likewise, I’m all about the food, so if you’re a restaurant wanting a review, my inbox is always open. If you’re a reader who wants to give an opinion on something I’ve written, or just to say hello, I would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch either in the comments, by e-mail, or across any of my social channels.


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