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I’m Laura, the blogger and content creator behind this blog, Inside Laura’s Head. Originally a beauty blog, Inside Laura’s Head was created in August 2014 when I was living in the North East (Darlington) in a pretty serious job, missing home and my friends and family. Blogging was something to do and, whilst I’ve had three blogs in the past, they only lasted a couple of months each, were terrible and thankfully no longer exist on the internet. The Inside Laura’s Head you see today is a Leeds based Food, Travel and Lifestyle blog that I’m really proud of. I talk about places to eat and drink in Leeds, a mixture of budget and slightly fancier, although my favourite meals are the ones to suit all budgets. Travel wise you can expect trips that don’t cost the earth, without a hostel in sight. My travel posts are full of great quality photography so you can really get a sense for the place I visited, and see if you want to go there too. Let me know if my post has pushed you into booking!

Since going freelance in July 2017 I put my heart and soul into my little corner of the internet as my main job (I’m also a photographer and I offer some blogger services and some social stuff to small businesses, because hey running one blog isn’t busy enough right?) and I am so pleased with the collaborations I’ve had and food reviews I’ve done during my time running this blog. I’m not freelancing anymore, I now work in telesales and whilst it’s completely different from being creative all day, I’m enjoying it. My day job helps to fund all of the travel I want to do, and it’s going to mean I can buy a house soon.

I love a good about me page and I wanted to make sure that mine really gave you the measure of me. So, here I am. I’m Laura, I’m 31 and I live in Rastrick, West Yorkshire. I’m obsessed with Netflix (currently rewatching Friends which is giving me alll the nostalgia, and I’ve just finished Everything Sucks which I recommend you watch because hello my childhood) I’m currently inhaling Cheese flavoured Snack A Jacks (they’re like crack to me, what DO they put in them!?) and streaming indie hits from the 2000s on Spotify . No, I am not ashamed. I’m a big cocktail fan, I have a real sweet tooth and I get seriously itchy feet if I’ve not got any travel booked.

I love to travel, I love to eat, and as well as this blog I have a blog on my photography site, four Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, three Facebook pages and I’m working on some personal writing projects. Basically, sleep is for the weak and I don’t like to leave my house much at the moment. When I do, though, I’m either out with friends, doing a food review, shooting a client/for fun or travelling somewhere. Travel and photography are my two great loves and I’m happiest when I get to combine the two, creating great travel content with amazing photographs for you guys to read. My favourite destinations so far are Amsterdam, Dublin and Havana-clearly some are easier to go back to than others but I have lots left to see at all three. I want to see the world, though, so I basically want to go everywhere. Have a press trip? You can bet your bottom dollar I want to to explore that destination.

I get bored easily and so my hair changes colour frequently-I was grey for a while which I loved but I’m currently a gorgeous rose gold, which I adore. I’m not often seen without my camera and when I’m not asking people to take ‘edgy’ photos of me from behind doing the peace sign, I’m shooting photographs myself. Give me somewhere pretty and I can shoot for hours but my most favourite thing to photograph is street art-I am in love with colour.

I’m always open to working with brands and agencies and so I’d love to hear from you if you think we’d be good together. My favourite collaborations are food or travel related and I am dying to do some collaborative stuff relating to photography, but I’m also open to Lifestyle collaborations too. Pop me an e-mail over to insidelaurashead@hotmail.com and we can have a chat.



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