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I’m 30I freelance as a social media manager, proofreader, photographer and blogger. I loves Netflix (especially Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and 90210-all of the American teen dramas) MAC lipsticks, cocktails, blogger events and working with brands. I’m learning to pole dance and enjoys nights out with friends or my pole family who are just AWESOME WARRIOR PRINCESSES. I love walking my Uncle’s gorgeous Cockapoo, Bobbie-the best dog in the world. Fact.


Originally a beauty blog, Inside Laura’s Head has evolved into a travel and lifestyle blog, covering mostly travel but the occasional food, fashion, beauty or mental As someone with anxiety, I like to cover mental health in my posts, and feel that as a blogger, I have a certain responsibility to my readers to be more real than magazines-and so I do regular life updates where I have a bit of a whinge. Because life isn’t always marble backgrounds and perfect lighting, sometimes we all struggle, and I unashamedly  share that with my readers.


In January 2016 I launched Blogger Services and Advertising and in February Small Business Services too. Things in Inside Laura’s Head world are going great!


Inside Laura’s Head is brought to you from my sofa in Rastrick, West Yorkshire, England. The real Happy Valley, Yorkshire is beautiful and I love it here.


Inside Laura’s Head was created when I was in living away from friends and family in Darlington, working in a serious job, without knowing anyone in the area. I wanted something to do that was just for me, had a lighter focus and allowed me to talk to people. I decided that starting a blog would help with this and Inside Laura’s Head was born. I’ve had previous blogs but these didn’t last. Inside Laura’s Head HAS lasted and now I can’t imagine not being a blogger.


I blog from my HP laptop, take photos on my Canon 1200D and use my iPhone to run most of my social media.

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