Mini Cruising To Amsterdam With DFDS

Sometimes, the travel gods are smiling down on you. Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and sometimes, someone in the know cues you in. It took a combination of all three for me to get an absolute bargain return mini cruise to Amsterdam with DFDS. Usually you’ll pay from £89.99 return per person (which, in all honesty, it’s too bad-I got my flights slightly cheaper last time I went to Amsterdam but if you’re not a fan of flying, you want to bring liquids back or you just fancy a different journey experience, £89.99 isn’t a bad price. I was lucky though, and managed to pay £2. Oh yes, and that was for four of us.

Return travel for four people to Amsterdam for just £2? What sorcery is this, Laura?

Well, that’s where right place, right time, the travel gods, and a friend in the know come in. I’d been tipped off that DFDS has mentioned  they were holding a sale, for 100 minutes, on certain routes.  So I got sat down with my debit card, my laptop switched on and ready and a cup of tea, and within 5 minutes I’d booked for me, my Mum, my Dad and my Grandma to go.

bikes on a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

What was it like, then?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my 50p trip, so I was pleased to see our cabin-it was nice and clean, not exactly roomy (it won’t be, when there’s so little room on the ship and so many cabins to fit in) but there was enough space for a chair next to the mirror, a small sofa style chair along the wall that seated the both of us, bunk beds and a small but big enough bathroom inside our cabin.

There were 3 different bars, a casino, a cinema, 4 different restaurants and a small supermarket/duty free style shop. There was also lots of outside space so you could go on deck and watch the sea, if you wanted to. The ship was small enough that we could find each other when someone had wandered off but big enough TO wander off for a bit. The bars and restaurants had plenty of seating and were really relaxed, with some people sat reading a book next to a table full of people drinking and laughing-I would’ve felt very comfortable sat working at a table if I’d been that organised.

Once we got to The Netherlands and docked we all got onto coaches for the 40 minute journey into Amsterdam. We spent around 4 hours in the city before getting on the bus to go back to the ship again.

Would you go again?

I would, but I’d look at whether I wanted to book the return crossing a few days later and stay in Amsterdam-as 4 hours just isn’t enough for me to explore a city. It worked out well for my Grandma being with us and we had a fantastic time overall.

Have you done a mini cruise to Amsterdam with DFDS?



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  1. December 4, 2017 / 7:51 am

    What an absolute bargain! I love Amsterdam – I spent five nights camping there in the city centre (yes, in a camp ground, lol, I wasn’t roughing it) many years ago. Would love to go back one day.

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