Anxiety awareness-a bit of a rant, sorry!


A non beauty related post for me today (in fairness, this is not supposed to be exclusively a beauty blog) because I need to rant. This weekend, I went on a course. The trainer told us a few untruths and it really wound me up.

1) A fear of public speaking (being nervous, a bit shaky, sweating, feeling a bit sick) is a panic attack. No, no it’s not. It’s a similar sort of reaction yes, but anyone who has panic attacks will tell you thats very, very mild in comparison.

2) A panic attack only ever lasts 3 minutes. No, incorrect. Panic attacks can last for ages. If my panic attacks were over in 3 minutes I’d be a very happy girl.

3) No one who suffers panic attacks should be taking Beta Blockers. Really? REALLY?! My doctor, 6 years at medical school, has prescribed me something that you, a FULLY TRAINED TRAINER, says I don’t need. She must be wrong then!

4) Breathing properly will stop you having panic attacks. Nothing stops them. If it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen. Pills help. Distraction helps. Nothing stops them though.

5) Tell yourself ‘No, I will not have a panic attack’ and you won’t. Oh, well if only I’d known that. I’m cured!

I understand that maybe this guy just didn’t know-maybe it was ignorance rather than anything malicious. BUT, untruths like this can cause serious damage to those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. 1 in 3 people suffer from some sort of mental health issue so it’s likely that, out of the 9 participants, I’m not the only one thinking ‘WTF’ when this was being said. Sadly, not one of us challenged his view. I didn’t feel comfortable doing this. Looking back, I wish I had.

What ridiculous untruths have you heard that made you angry?

Laura xx


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