Architects of Air Albesila Exhibition

I absolutely LOVE photography and regular readers of this blog will know that (I mean, I’m now a freelance photographer at Laura Haley Photography so that shows you just how much) I’m lucky to have three really close friends who are equally as keen on photography and so we often go out shooting. A few weeks ago, me and my friend Claire headed to see the Architects of Air Albesila Exhibition at The Piece Hall, Halifax-so we could have a bit of a fun shoot. And I like the results so much I wanted to share them with you guys.

Architects of Air is an exhibition by Alan Parkinson, who says:

“What motivates me to design is the fact that I continue to be struck by the beauty of light and colour found in the luminaria.  These structures nurture an awareness of a pure phenomenon that gently cuts through everyday conditioned perceptions and awakens a sense of wonder in people”

There are different exhibits that travel to different places, so it’s really worth keeping an eye on the website to see if any of them are going to be near you. I’m not sure if sometimes there’s an entrance fee, but ours was free. I would have paid anyway, it’s so worth it.

From the outside, the exhibition looks like a giant bouncy castle. You have to take your shoes off when you go in, so you don’t rip the plastic. But, the floor is just lining, although the walls are like a bouncy castle. For obvious reasons (the concrete floor under the thin rubber/plastic lining!) you’re warned not to bounce off the walls. I don’t think I saw anyone try to, to be honest.

The artist uses different compartments (which you can see more clearly in my photos from the outside) to light up different colours, and it’s a really relaxed feel inside. There were families enjoying a walk around, solo adults taking photos-lots of people exploring the exhibit.

You can tell by my photos how awesome this thing was and I would TOTALLY recommend that you go, if you can.

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  1. September 9, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    I went to see Luminarium Levity III 5 years ago… It was so relaxing and even the kids found it a relaxing experience. I’m glad you enjoyed it and the photographs are amazing! 🙂

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