Maybelline Babyskin vs Benefit Porefessional

I wanted to review two of my new favourite items, to see whether the price difference is worth spending. I’ll be comparing Maybelline Babyskin and Benefit Porefessional.

Maybelline Babyskin Instant Pore Eraser, £7.99 for 22ml.


This is a bargain product, and as there’s often offers on Maybelline products can usually be purchased for even cheaper than the £7.99 price tag. The Babyskin is a transparent product, no colour at all. It glides on really smoothly and I find it massively reduces the size of my pores. The instructions say it can be used under or over make-up, but I find it ruins my foundation if I try to apply it over the top. It has a non greasy finish and it really helps my make-up to last the day. I love this product.

Benefit Porefessional, £24.50 for 22ml (photo is of a 7.5ml sample)


Benefit Porefessional is a very popular product that up until recently had passed me by. At £24.50 it’s definitely more of a blowout cost wise. Its translucent, with a slight tint to it, which I find helps to tone down the redness in my face. Again this product can be used both under and over makeup, and this one seems to make my foundation go on better that the Babyskin did. I would expect a better performance from the more expensive product, though. Swatches of both products are below-the Babyskin on the left and the Porefessional on the right.

primer swatches

My verdict is that I LOVE both products. I think that the Benefit Porefessional has the edge, but the Maybelline Babyskin is a very good cheaper version for those on a budget. Both of these will be staying in my make-up bag thats for sure! Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

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    • December 19, 2014 / 1:51 am

      I love the Babyskin. MUA now do a very similar one though-even more budget! X

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