*Being Organised As A Freelancer

I’m about to hit a small milestone, freelancing wise. I’ve been doing this for nearly three months now and I’m amazed at myself that I was brave enough to give it a go. I still am-this isn’t a ‘I’m giving up freelancing’ post though the opening line does read that way-oops. No, this is a ‘how I organise myself as a freelancer’ post, because it’s difficult to get everything done and not get distracted all the time.


This is my most important thing. If I don’t plan everything goes to shit, and I get nothing done. I bought a day planner which I use to note down everything I want to do, and then I use a smaller notepad to write down eight things from that main list-five urgent and three that would be nice to do. For example, today’s urgents were write two blog posts, chase payments, catch up my accounts, catch up my Instagram pod and work on my social media website. Nice to do’s were schedule some tweets, work on earning some cash online from Swagbucks, and edit some of my photos from London.


I carry a small notebook with me all the time and whenever I remember something I need to do, or someone mentions something I want to look into, I note it down. I go through this notebook at the beginning and end of every day and move what I need to onto my to do list.


If I have a shoot in the morning, I’m up at 8 and I check my e-mails and social media before I head out. Otherwise I sleep until 10, have brunch whilst checking e-mails and social, then I sit down and start working on my five urgent things-which usually include photo editing from a shoot, pitching to brands or writing paid content, either for my blog or elsewhere. I work until about 5, then I take a break for tea. I work again from 6 until 7, stop working to watch the soaps, and then 10 till 3 I tend to get a lot done. Ideally I spend the last hour writing the next day’s to do list.


I make sure I factor in breaks to grab another cup of tea, and I regularly leave my desk for five minutes to go and tell my mum something. When I fancy catching up with friends I do so,and when I want to travel I do too-I just amend what I’ve planned to do to fit in with the free time I’ve scheduled.


I make sure I reward myself each month-money is REALLY tight right now so it’s usually a small thing, but it’s still something.

Do you have any tips on how to be more organised as a freelancer?

*This post was written in collaboration with Penketh Group


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