Berlin Food Diary

On Saturday I chose to have lunch at Burgermeister in Kreuzberg, after taking a break from street art hunting. Burgermeister used to be a public toilet and it’s now a very popular burger place-more fast food than fancy restaurant, but good anyway. I didn’t feel like a burger (I know, I know) so I opted for their cheese fries and they were SO GOOD.

Cheese fries from Burgermeister, Kreuzberg, Berlin



At Berlin Zoo I chose a simple jacket potato with sour cream for lunch. I had that with a coke and a slice of apple cake, and whilst it was all okay, it was nothing special. I wouldn’t recommend eating here on purpose, but it’s not a bad cafe if you’re in the zoo anyway and need to eat.

Jacket Potato with Sour Cream and Salad, at Berlin Zoo

Apple Cake on a white plate at Berlin Zoo

My very last meal in the city was in my hotel bar. I hadn’t managed to go whilst staying at the hotel, so I went just before I picked up my rucksack to go back to the airport. I went for a ham and cheese toastie and a coke-just something simple and filling, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat at the airport and that I’d just want to get into bed when I got back home.

Have you been to Berlin before? What did you eat?


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