Berlin Street Art

I absolutely love street art, so much so that I have an Instagram, Travelling To Find Street Art, dedicated to the colour I find on my travels. When I spent 72 hours in Berlin, a city known for it’s street art (as well as other things, obviously) I thought I’d write about my day spent finding Berlin Street Art.

A colourful mural wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin

A blue wall with one orange and one blue fish painted on

Street art with yellow and white flowers on a wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Despite the number of photos in this post, Berlin (certainly central Berlin, around the really touristy parts) doesn’t have street art. I didn’t see colour on every corner like people said I would, and I was quite disappointed. But I’d planned to spend my Sunday morning exploring Kreuzberg, a district south east of the city, because I’d been told there was a lot of street art there. Kreuzberg is also the neighbourhood where the Jewish Museum is, as well as East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie and a few other touristy bits.

A colourful wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin, with 'free Gaza' written over the top

A white painted wall with some black and red graffiti, and 'jews for a free palestine' written in purple

Street art (The Spaceman) on a wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin

As the train came into Kreuzberg, it passed street art on both sides of the track. As soon as I came down the steps out of the station I spotted a building full of colour, which ended up having murals all around the outside, and on the building opposite. I had a route planned out-coming out of the station onto Schlesische Strasse and walk north, towards the river. Call at Burgermeister for lunch, then walk along Skalizer Strasse for more street art. This is the route I took, but I could have done with walking south along Schlesische Strasse too and then walking further along Skalizer Strasse than I did. I blame the terrible blisters from my knock off converse I wore the day before.

A wall full of graffiti in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Street art on a wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin

A pink wall with street art-a silhouette of a child with a bird and a tree

Kreuzberg definitely has a lot of street art and there’s a lot more to do in the neighbourhood too. I actually wished I’d had more time, but I was already running behind schedule and had a lot to fit in during the second half of the afternoon. I could’ve done more without the injured feet as well, so if you’re able bodied and able to walk lots, fast, you could definitely see more of Kreuzberg than I managed.

A bar in Kreuzberg with a multicolored street art wall with lots of circles

Street art on the wall of a building, with a cityscape and then a white Berlin bear, a child holding the German flag and the word Berlin

A wall in Kreuzberg, Berlin, with the famous 'Yellow Man' mural on

Before I left the street art filled part of Kreuzberg to walk to the East Side Gallery, I stopped for a drink as I spotted a bar selling 4 euro cocktails. That was a mistake as it went straight to my head and definitely slowed me down, but it was delicious (I had a Flamingo) and I would, in all honesty, do the same again.

A wall full of graffiti with a white dog painted on, saying 'one truth 18'

Street art of a yellow camera on a black wall

A pink cafe covered in street art, with black and white women painted on the walls

If I happened to live in the city, or if I found myself there again for a few days, I’d definitely spend more time finding Berlin Street Art, I had a nice few hours exploring some of Kreuzberg and I’d say it was my favourite part of the city so far.

Have you seen any Berlin Street Art? Do you like street art, or are you in the ‘it’s graffiti and therefore illegal’ camp?


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