Blogger Services

I’m now offering different blogger services, so that you can outsource the things no one really likes doing blog wise, and leave yourself more time to actually write your posts.


I currently offer:


Scheduling tweets/Facebook posts-£4 a week, or £12 for a month. This is for 12 tweets a day, if you want more or less the price will increase or decrease accordingly.

I will schedule up to 12 tweets/Facebook posts a day for you, from your own personal or blog twitter/facebook account, so that you don’t need to worry about promoting posts and can concentrate on just chatting.

I can promote: Current blog posts / Old blog posts / Your Bloglovin link / Your Facebook page /Your Instagram feed / Your Pinterest / Your YouTube / Anything else you require. I can also schedule more chatty type tweets so that your account isn’t one long promotional feed, if this is something you want.

When you contact to me to book I will send you an order form, within 48 hours of my receipt of this form, and your payment you will be e-mailed a weeks worth of  content to approve-so that you can quickly check I’m scheduling in the right way for you and your blog.

If I am scheduling posts that haven’t gone live yet, I will need the links for these-if you haven’t yet scheduled them you can provide the links later, but I will need each link 48 hours before you want the promotion to go out.

I will need images to use on your promotion-the easiest thing is for me to take these from your blog, unless you tell me otherwise.


Proof Reading-£10 for up to 20 posts, £5 for up to 10 posts


If you are looking for a proof reader on an ongoing basis, we can negotiate a rate.

I will proofread new or existing blog posts for you, picking out and changing (or just highlighting so you can change, if you’d rather) any spelling or grammatical errors.

Proof reading will be done on a first come, first served basis-I can guarantee this will be done within 5 working days, obviously this will be done as quickly as I can manage and so will generally not be anything like 5 days. If you have something urgent-let me know!



Are you looking for a service I’ve not listed? Pop me an e-mail over anyway and we’ll see what I can do!


To order any of these services, please e-mail me on