Bloggy plans-the next 3 months


Driving home from work today, sat in traffic, I was thinking about Inside Laura’s Head and what I want to do with it. I came to the conclusion that I want to try having a schedule of which days I post, and having some regular posts on different themes, so that my followers and readers know when I will have new content-and so that I can plan ahead.

So, from Monday, I will be posting as follows:

Mondays-beauty posts will be posted on Mondays. I intend these to be all sorts from FOTD to makeup storage, reviews of products and shopping my stash to makeup only hauls and wishlists.

Tuesdays-Tuesdays will be travel posts. Places I’ve been, want to go, reviews/photos of days out/trips.

Wednesdays-Any of my ‘What happen’s when….’ posts will now be posted on Wednesdays.

Thursdays-Thursday will be a day I let readers find out more about me, with my more personal posts.

Fridays-will be dedicated to fashion posts.

Saturdays-Saturdays will be left open for anything I feel like.

Sundays-Sundays will often have posts about what’s happened in my week, or what I’ve got planned for the next week. If I’ve had a boring week Sundays may not have posts.

What do you think? Have you planned your blog like this? Would you?

Laura xx


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