*Bollywood Jazz Review

A few weeks ago I was asked if I fancied to one of my favourite Leeds venues, The Tetley, to see a performance by Bollywood Jazz. I had a quick nosy at their website and was intrigued, so grabbed my friend and trusty blogger event sidekick Claire and we headed off on a freezing cold night to see what Bollywood Jazz was all about. I apologise for the lack of photos in this post-I decided not to take my DSLR due to the nature of the event.

Describing themselves as ‘an amazing new Indo-Jazz music fusion event inspired by the songs and instrumental music of Bollywood films’ I wasn’t sure if I’d really ‘get’ this style of music, as I don’t know much about Jazz OR Bollywood. I’m just not that cultured, if I’m honest. It’s good to try new things and expand your horizons though.

When we arrived the band came to say hello to us which was a nice touch. The room in The Tetley was a small, candle lit room, creating a really casual, relaxed atmosphere. When the music kicked in, no matter where you were sat you had no problem hearing the singer or the instruments-we managed to get sat right at the front anyway, but people at the back were also fine.

The first half was all songs from Bollywood and the singer, Supriya, explained before some of the songs what they were about, what language they were singing in and the history of the song. This was really great to find out, as obviously we didn’t understand the songs themselves due to not speaking the different languages sung. The second half had a couple of songs in English, that I knew and was able to sing along to (in my head, thankfully!) but that had been given a Bollywood Jazz style twist-these were my favourite of the night.

I think the concept of the act is a great one, the music was good (the singers could sing, everyone played their instruments well) but that if you’re not a Bollywood fan you may find it hard going at times, like I did. I enjoyed the event and I’m really glad to have been invited, but I know there’s definitely people out there who would’ve got more from the event than I did. As I said, I’m just not that cultured. If you like the sound of this kind of music, you absolutely should go and check them out.

Have you been to an event like this before?


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