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Fridays on Inside Laura’s Head are for fashion themed posts and boy is this a good one for you!

A couple of weeks ago I was tweeted by a PR agency asking me for my email address. I gave it to them and very quickly received an email inviting me to a showcase of Bon Marche’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection. Now, I will admit, the first thing I thought was ‘oh that’s where my grandma shops’ and that I hadn’t set foot in one of their shops since I was 13 and used to go shopping with said Grandma. Despite this, I wondered if they were now aiming themselves at a younger market and decided I’d definitely go along and see. Well-I was not disappointed!

Some of my favourite pieces are here for you to have a look. I am RUBBISH at remembering what each collection was called and even which was which so you’ll have to excuse the mishmash of photos, most likely in the wrong order. Sorry! (Bad blogger)

Coatigan. Looks so comfy and it’s very cute. And it’s only £28!

Red dress. Super flattering.

This Pink Coat. I need it in my life.


And I love the half black, half pattern of this Black and Flowery Dress.

This event was brilliant, from walking in and being given drinks vouchers and a slate on which to write our blog name so they could take a photo (they are going to send each blogger the photos later) to the pink carpet, the lovely Bon Marche staff, and how active they were on their social media during the event. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like. Canapés were on offer for the night and they had a team of ladies from Leeds College Of Beauty to do makeup and nails if we wanted.


And the best bit of the night? They were using the hashtag #BonMarcheblogger and encouraged us to use it too. Obviously I did, lots-and I won a handbag for my efforts!

My one criticism, and it’s a minor one, is it would have been good to get to look at some of their accessories, shoes and bags too. I’m all about the accessories!

Thanks Bon Marche for a lovely evening and I hope to be at your next one!



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