*Brit Awards 2016

Like many others, I eagerly watched the Brit Awards this week. I love music, I’ve usually got my radio on (in fact I could really do with a fancy system that plays my music into different rooms, like these wireless speaker systems. How cool would that be? Must start saving…)


I thought I’d give my opinion on the Brit Awards 2016 winners because really I’ve tried to tell my family what I think and they really don’t care. Typical, really!


Adele-I absolutely adore Adele. I thought she’d actually end up with 5/5 awards she was nominated for, actually. I loved hearing Hello for the first time, but I think I actually like her new single better now. That line about wanting to photograph the person she’s singing to, in the current light, in case it’s the last time that they’re in that situation-I’ve been there, Adele. Great that she used the opportunity to speak up for Kesha, too.


One Direction-who doesn’t love 1D? I know they’re a bit cheesy, but (based on watching them with James Corden in Carpool Kareoke, and not much else!) they seem like really nice young lads. And their songs just get into my head, so catchy!


Justin Bieber-I’ll confess, I’m a Bieber fan. I wasn’t always, but lately he’s releasing some brilliant songs. We have them on at pole dancing frequently and they really get into my head.


James Bay-I actually had to google him to remind myself what he sang-I think he’s one of those singers who I know I do like, but can’t actually name his songs. Maybe I don’t like him much then!


Bjork-Well she’s just a legend isn’t she, really?


Did you watch the awards? Live, or recorded and watched later? (I recorded-bad Laura!) What did you think of the winners?


Laura xx


*This post was sponsored, but all views and opinions contained within it are my own.


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