Britain Needs A Pay Rise


I was up at 4am yesterday. Nope I’m not poorly, I’ve been marching alongside 90,000 others to say that Britain Needs a Payrise. This was a TUC organised Demo through central London and was the latest in a long line of demonstrations I’ve attended-however my first as a Regional Organiser. Therefore, I took some of my members down with me, which was ace. For one of them it was her first demo and I’m thrilled to say she wants to come again, even after the 6 hours on a coach each way. That was one loooong drive!

Trade Unionists from all over England and Wales (Scotland and Ireland had their own demos on the same day) travelled to the capital for this march and rally. No matter what union you are a member of, we all stood together to show the government, the media and the general public what we think-that this country needs to be paid more, basically! 1 in 6 people in the North East is paid below the living wage (£7.65 an hour) and a lot of my members are relying on tax credits to top up their wages-this is disgusting and shouldn’t be the case. My members, and workers everywhere, should be paid enough that their wage pays for everything it needs to-rent or mortage, bills, food, and some left over. Britain Needs a Pay Rise!

Throughout the day we were trending on Twitter (#britainneedsapayrise and #oct18) and my Facebook feed was full of photos from friends who’d travelled from all over to be there on the day. Once again, the day made me proud to be part of the Trade Union movement. Solidarity!

region 2 and mandela

Here’s our group as we arrived in London-I couldn’t resist a group photo with Nelson Mandela!

region2 and roy

And with Roy Rickhuss, Community’s General Secretary

me and michael

Me and my lovely boyfriend Michael


And the obligatory selfie!

We arrived back in Middlesbrough at 11:30, tired, aching and injured (mild coffee burns, blisters and a sore foot between us) but it was a fantastic day and well worth it. I’m glad I booked annual leave until Thursday, though!

Were you on the demo? Have you blogged about it? Do share your links with me!



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