*Britain’s Growing Leisure Spend

In the UK we spent a lot of our money on our household bills, but I wondered what else people spend their money on. Hotel linen provider, Shortridge Laundry has been looking at Britain’s growing leisure spend, and what we spend compared to other parts of Europe.

Eating out

In 2016, eating out was recorded as the most popular leisure activity in the UK – an astonishing 85% of UK consumer spending was spent on going out to eat in the first quarter of 2016.

On average, Brits eat out twice a week, spending £44 per week in total. I’m not entirely sure who these people are because I do NOT do this, I can’t afford to. Maybe some people are on far higher incomes though? Only the Spanish eat out more regularly than us Brits, Italy follows in third and then Germany and France are fourth and fifth.

Popcorn Chicken in a bucket

Hotel stays

The typical Brit will spend £62,000 on a total of 378 different hotel stays during their lifetime, an average of £52 per night on a hotel. I agree with this, this is a general level of spending for me when I travel-I opt for a basic hotel and £52 a night sounds about right. In Switzerland they’re clearly fancier than me as 72% of Swiss travellers book a luxury hotel.


In Leeds, the average woman spends £7,000 per year on beautifying. Come on Leeds girls, we are already beautiful enough! Londoners seem to have a tiny big more confidence in their natural beauty as they spend 10% less.


Buying clothes

On average, men spend £100 a month on clothes, compared to women who spend £74. Men do wear more of what they buy, though. I guess us girls grab too many Primark bargains we don’t ACTUALLY love. Looking across Europe, it was found that Estonia spent the highest percentage of their household consumption expenditure on clothing and footwear at 6.7%. Not far behind is Italy with 6.3% and the UK with 5.7%.

Spending time at the cinema

We’re clearly getting more into Netflix as we barely go to the cinema anymore. In the UK we must think tickets are too expensive as we spend £19 per head annually, visiting an average of 2.6 times per year. I think I’m even less than that! Germany is worse than we are, visiting 1.5 times, wheras France is 3.3 times. I can never concentrate on a full film so I don’t waste my money going anymore.

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