Building Up And Empowering Others

When I first started this blog, nearly four years ago, the bloggers I followed, interacted with and saw around a lot seemed to be really trying to boost fellow bloggers up. Empowering others was more of a thing then, and I’ve seen a big drop in that in the last year or so. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone should be spending all of their time trying to help others to the detriment of their own blog (or indeed their own self esteem) and it’s massively important that you empower yourself, but-when and why did we stop empowering others?

Laura with long grey hair in a flowery dress, wearing a pink Kanken backpack, looking out over miles of fields

Everytime I look on my twitter feed there’s people being not very nice about others, either directly or indirectly. Great posts get no comments and carefully created Instagram posts are ignored.¬†Everyone is using Insta stories these days and I watch most of them on my feed daily. But I don’t comment when I think ‘banging selfie’, I just click onto the next story. When I’ve read a post on a blog and I’ve enjoyed it, I don’t comment, I move on to the next one. I certainly don’t go out of my way to share it somewhere. Gone are the days when I’d retweet things on a regular basis, and go through Instagram to like and comment on photos simply because they caught my eye. Well, I think this needs to change.

How can I expect people to start empowering others again when I don’t do it myself? Doesn’t someone need to start doing things better?

From now on, when I like your post, I’ll comment and say so. If your selfie is a good one, you’ll have a reply to that Insta story from me. And, sorry in advance for all the Insta like I’ll be spamming you with. Oh yes and expect my social channels to be sharing other people’s great work as well as my own. Fancy empowering others too? Please, join me-lets make things happier again.


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