*Caring For Your Smile

I pride myself on my teeth. They’re fairly straight (I didn’t need to have braces when I was younger, I got lucky) and they’re fairly stain free. But they’re never as white as I want them to be and I know that’s because of my lifestyle-lots and lots and lots of tea. I’m a Yorkshire girl, after all. There are ways to look after your teeth well, though, and when I was asked to work with The Old Church to tell you about how you should be caring for your smile, I was pretty excited to tell you about my fancy new toothbrush!

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Cut down on tea, coffee, and red wine

I mean, I don’t drink coffee or wine but I should follow my own advice and swap some of those mugs of tea for a glass of water. It’s well known that these things stain your teeth, mine are yellower than I’d like because of my tea habit. Bad times.

Use a good toothbrush

I have a fancy new toothbrush (not affiliate link) which has really soft bristles, so that as well as brushing your teeth you can brush your gums. And my gums have never felt better, it’s definitely improving the health of my mouth in general. Winner.

Try oil pulling

Oil pulling (effectively swishing coconut oil around your mouth for a couple of minutes a day before you brush your teeth and floss) helps to kill bacteria in your mouth and naturally whiten your teeth. I need to do this more often than I do as I know I see the benefits when I’m in the routine.

See your dentist

Obviously none of these tips make up for seeing a professional regularly, and I make sure I see my dentist every six months for a checkup and a professional clean. Following their advice has always been my priority and I now use mouthwash every day and only ever drink fizzy drinks (rarely) through a straw.

What are your top tips for preventing staining? How are you caring for your smile?

*This post was written in collaboration with The Old Church and they’ve paid me for my time. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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