As a Leeds food blogger, I often go out to eat, and review the food on Inside Laura’s Head. This category has all of my food review posts in one place. The category contains posts that I’ve written because I want to, as well as posts I’ve written because I was asked to, where I was given a free meal in return for the review. I always confirm when I’ve been given a free meal in my disclaimer and by placing a * at the very beginning of the post title. Opinions are always honest and truthful, but if you’d rather not read reviews where I’ve been given the food for free you can easily avoid those. I’d recommend you don’t, though. Food review posts are one of my favourite things to write and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Food review photography has always been taken by me unless stated otherwise, and I am always honest about this. Food photography is only ever lightly edited (to correct bad lighting) never to make the food look better or worse than it actually did. Where possible I will state the exact name of the dish and the price, as well as linking to the restaurant’s website so that you can see the prices for yourself.