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Sleep is something that often evades me. I’m currently on the early shift at work (we do 8-4, 9-5, 10-6) and I am getting even less sleep than normal, because of needing to be up for 7 rather than 9. I am so bad when I’ve not had enough sleep-I can’t concentrate, I get really cross easily, and it affects my anxiety-as well as making me eat all the junk food in sight. Therefore, when I was asked if I fancied working on the #CleanSleepingGuru campaign with BedGuru and writing a post with my top tips-well, it was a definite yes. I’m hoping I can start to follow my own tips and sleep better!

Clean Sleeping involves making changes to your lifestyle to help you get a good nights sleep. Bed Guru have written a great post on this which you should check out alongside mine. The Clean Sleeping trend suggests you try for 7-8 hours sleep-which would suit me down to the ground. A girl can never get enough sleep! So what are my top tips to help me, and hopefully you, sleep better?

No technology in the bedroom

I am the worst for this. It’s well documented that you sleep better if you don’t have your phone, laptop, or even a TV in your bedroom. When I lived alone I used to leave my phone charging on the landing, I had no TV in my room and my laptop lived downstairs. However currently I’m living with my parents temporarily and I break this rule ALL THE TIME. I definitely sleep better with no technology in my room.

Keep your bedroom clutter free

When you look around and just see things that need doing-piles of clean clothes to put away, a pile of books you want to read, and your makeup stand looking chaotic, it’s so hard to switch off. If you keep your room clutter free, you are immediately calmer when you go to bed.

Keep your bedroom cool and dark 

If I’m too warm, I can’t sleep.I have my window open most of the year and the cool breeze helps me to drift off-eventually. I also have a blackout blind and then curtains, because I can’t sleep if it’s not dark.

Cut down on caffeine

Switching to decaff tea and coffee will help to stop you laying awake at night. I have actually made the switch and I am seeing a difference in my sleep, which is a huge relief.

What are your top tips for getting a better nights sleep? Have you heard of the #CleanSleepingGuru campaign before this post?

*This post was written in collaboration with BedGuru who kindly sent me a fitness and sleep tracker in return for writing this. All tips in this post are my own, and I have written this post myself.



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