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I love being able to interact properly with followers so it’d be cool if you came and followed me on my social media-do let me know if you’ve followed me so I can say hi!

Twitter is where I talk about what I’m watching on TV, chat to other bloggers and am, frankly, hilarious. (You may disagree-just don’t tell me!) I’m over at @Insdelaurashead and you can see some examples of recent tweets below! If you’re on Twitter send me a tweet, I’d love to hear from you.


Instagram is where I post photos of my food, drinks, hamster, and pretty things. I’m at @Insidelaurashead and here’s some of my photos:


Facebook is where all my posts go, and I post hints of what’s to come as well as just generally chatting to my readers. You can like my page HERE

Pinterest is a new site for me. I’m just teaching myself how to use it, so do come along and help me! HERE is my Pinterest.

Bloglovin is a site that allows you to follow lots of blogs all in one place. Here’s my link.

I hope you enjoy looking at my social media. Let me know in the comments if you’ve followed me anywhere!

Laura xx


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