*Cooking Belly Pork IN THE MICROWAVE!?

I enjoy baking, but I don’t often cook (my Dad is the chef in this house) and so when I was asked to try out The Ideas Kitchen’s recipe for Roast Crisp Pork Belly, I was intrigued to try it. I was a little bit apprehensive though when I realised I needed to cook it in my Combination Microwave-I only ever use it as a normal Microwave really, is cooking belly pork in the microwave a thing?

Well, turns out it is!

I was sent the above video to follow the recipe. My Dad swiftly took over (surprise surprise!) and Bobbie the Cockapoo (my Uncle’s dog, who we’re looking after whilst he’s on holiday) took great interest in supervising the proceedings too. Supervising, if you’re a dog, involves changing position a lot so the humans remember you’re there and that you like meat, licking your lips so that the humans remember you like meat, and doing an I like meat face (so that the humans remember you like meat-just in case they’d forgotten) Can’t blame a dog for trying!

Dad said he found the recipe really simple to follow. He said it was good to be able to leave it cooking for the three hours and just keep an eye on it, rather than have to keep turning it in the oven over and over, and it was BRILLIANT that we didn’t need to leave the oven on all day in this heat. But he really didn’t believe me when I said he’d be cooking the belly pork in the microwave!

We followed the timings in the video and when seasoning the pork we also added some pepper and some sage. We made cheesy mashed potatoes, roast potatoes and carrots. We also had swede, green beans and peas, and a generous helping of apple sauce on our pork.

And if you’re wondering-we’re not mean, Bobbie did get a taste of pork and he loved it too! I think he he could, he’d definitely cook belly pork in the microwave himself.

Belly pork, after cooking belly pork in the microwave

*This is a collaborative post. I was paid to try out this recipe and write about my thoughts on it, but the words and photo in this post are all mine. I was not told what to say.


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