*Cooking To Improve Your Health

One of my 2018 plans is to lose some weight, and my overall reason for that is to improve my health. So, I’ve been looking into cooking to improve your health and when I was asked to write about it, the timing was perfect. Who doesn’t love being paid to find out more about something they’re researching anyway?

I’ve found out a few things around cooking to improve your health, and so I’m going to be doing the following:

Using healthy oils such as rapeseed oil, which is incredibly low in saturated fat compared to the coconut oil I normally use. There’s about 6.6g saturated fat in 100g of rapeseed oil and 86.5g in the same amount of coconut oil, which I always THOUGHT was really healthy. Erm, not so much. Whoops.

Adding extra veg to every meal. I’ve always been a ‘hey lets have pasta and cheese’ kind of person. I still might have that sometimes, but I’ll be adding cheese sauce made with skimmed milk and a tiny amount of mature cheddar rather than grating half a block onto my pasta, and then I’ll only be having this treat if I add two portions of veg. Peas and green beans go well with this, or maybe carrots and leeks. This means I still get to have one of my favourite meals but I’m adding some extra vitamins and minerals, plus I’ll eat a smaller portion of the pasta and cheese as it’s bulked out with the veg. Winner.

Salad bar in a restaurant

Dropping three meat meals a week. I will never be a vegetarian, I love meat too much and I wouldn’t eat much variety in my diet if I completely cut out meat. But, I will be cutting down, both for the health benefits and the environmental benefits. So, if you can recommend some meat free meals for me, please do! I could do with the ideas.

Switching to wholewheat as much as possible. Brown rice is, in my opinion, disgusting, but wholewheat pasta tastes quite nice. I’ll be switching to healthier versions of the food I eat so that I can reap the nutritional benefits of this too. A really easy switch.

Do you have any tips for a healthier diet?



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  1. January 25, 2018 / 2:43 am

    I’m trying to be healthier to shift a few pounds but it’s so hard. I use coconut oil instead of olive oil nowadays

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