Cuba Part 3

Back in 2011, I was lucky enough to be invited to go to Cuba for a fortnight with Cuba Solidarity Campaign and my trade union, Unite. This post is my second in a three part series telling you all about what we got up to.

Day 7

During the morning we headed to the on site Giron Museum, which was really interesting and taught us lots about the Bay of Pigs Invasion. In the afternoon we had another pool day and then drinks. Pretty quiet day, as part of our intinerary was sadly cancelled. Still, we appreciated the down time!

Day 8

In the morning we headed to the on site night club to meet with a group of woman, I suppose a little bit like our WI! They told us all about their lives and we were able to ask them questions and get to know them a bit. The afternoon was another chilled one (more things being cancelled, sadly!) and then in the evening we went to a neighbourhoor CDR (Cuban Defense of the Revolution) party. The Cuban people gave us food and drink and we danced and had lots of fun with them.

Day 9

We packed our bags and left the lovely hotel-boo! We were missing camp at this point though so it was nice to be going back. On the way back we went to Santa Clara, to see the Armoured Train Memorial, and then went to see the Che Guevara Memorial too. Both were fantastic to see. When we arrived back at camp, more rum was consumed, and we had a catchup with the other countries.



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