*Dating Do’s And Don’ts

I’m writing this whilst watching First Dates, for the thousandth time. I bloody LOVE that show, though I cringe SO HARD when there’s a terrible date and I just wonder if no one’s ever told these people how they should ACTUALLY behave on a date, if they want to look like a civilised human being. So-I thought I’d get those thoughts out of my head and onto my blog because I swear I need to say this. Here are my dating do’s and don’ts.

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Don’t insult your date

Like, serious, WHAT makes anyone think this is a good idea? But I’ve seen it happen so often (and it’s happened to me as well) it’s just ridiculous and why I didn’t walk out on the guy I’ll never know.

If your date is saying something you really don’t agree with-like they love football and spend every spare minute either playing or watching, and you wouldn’t dream of going near a pitch or a pub when a match is on, then that’s fine, maybe they’re not the person for you-but you can still be polite and have a pleasant date with them.


Do ask questions about them

Talking about yourself for hours on end isn’t great behaviour-though I do understand that sometimes it can be a nervous thing. Try to ask open ended questions, and actually listen to their answers. It helps you get a feel for if the person is your type of person, or not.

If you’re stuck, ask them questions that relate to what you’re interested in. If you love travel, ask there where they’ve been that they loved and why, or where they’d like to go. Hopefully that will turn into a conversation about somewhere you either know about or are interested in hearing about, and you’ll have a really interesting chat.

Don’t be (too) late

I’m pretty traditional in that I think being five minutes late to a date, so you can make an entrance, isn’t a bad thing. Being anymore than fifteen minutes late, without sending a message to explain your train got delayed/you got stuck in traffic/you’re in an ambulance (okay so THAT is the perfect reason to be late!) is a little bit rude, in my opinion. So be pretty much on time, slightly late to make an entrance.

Wear something you’re comfortable in

I actually have a post on this coming up in a few days, so check back for that!

What are your dating dos and don’ts?

*This is a collaborative post. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. December 15, 2017 / 12:55 am

    First dates are terrifying, which is why I always back out of meeting people from Tinder, oops!

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