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I’ve been asked a few times lately about the Blogger Events I’ve been attending, and the questions are always the same-what are they? Who goes? What happens there? Why does it benefit you/your blog? How do you find out about them? Can I come? As these are popular questions and don’t tend to be answered (well, the who goes and what happens questions are answered whenever a blogger blogs about an event!) I thought I’d cover it under my ‘Dear New Blogger’ series of posts.

What is a blogger event?

Basically, what it says-an event for bloggers. I’ve been to three different types:

1)      Events organised by a brand (like the Bon Marche Blogger Event) which are usually because the brand wants to promote a product or range, or raise their profile amongst the blogging community)




2)      Events organised by a blogger (like #TheCityGirls and #NWBloggerEvents) which are organised by a blogger (or two, or sometimes a group) with the aim of introducing bloggers to other bloggers, brands to bloggers and bloggers to brands. Networking, really.




3)      Blogger meet ups (for example, I’ve been for Afternoon Tea with some lovely Leeds Bloggers, and am planning on going to Blackpool with some other bloggers) these are more of a catch up than an event, but it seemed right to cover those under this heading too.  Meet ups are very informal, and tend to involve just doing something together-much like you would with a group of friends. Some bloggers just meet up in their chosen groups of friends, some bloggers decide to have a meet up and invite other bloggers they haven’t yet met-I was lucky that the Leeds Bloggers are that sort of bunch which is why I got to meet them for a brilliant afternoon a few months ago.


What happens at a blogger event?

Well, that depends on which event, really! Brand events tend to be more structured, there may be a demonstration of their product or range, or they may have an activity they want you to do. Meet ups are so informal you just do whatever it is you’d planned to go and do, and usually end up in the pub or the shops together afterwards. Events ran by bloggers can vary greatly-some are arranged simply to get all the bloggers in a room together and you’re left to chat to each other and entertain yourselves, sometimes with brand displays on tables for you to look at.  Some events are very structured and the organisers have something for you to be doing at all times-like a brand demo, then a quiz, then another brand demo, then food comes out, etc. My favourite events are a good mixture of both, some brand demos, a charity raffle, maybe a fun activity-but also lots of time to just wander and chat, take photos (we’re bloggers, photos is what we do best!) and just take in the day.


Why does it benefit you/your blog?

On a personal level, the reason I love blogger events is it revitalises me-spending time with like-minded people who are all passionate about blogging gets me excited about my blog again, it gives me lots of ideas and I usually leave with a smile on my face, looking forward to getting home and writing that next post. It also gives me a chance to meet the people I talk to all the time on social media and consider friends-and also to make new friends too. Plus, no one else understands WHY I have to take 15 photos of my food before I eat it!


For the blog itself, attending an event has a lot of positives. It gives you content, for a start (you don’t HAVE to write about the event but generally people do, and I always do. I also do a second post about the goodybag contents, if there was one, and sometimes I review an item or two separately as well) It makes other people aware of you and your blog, who may not have known it existed before. Again you don’t HAVE to but I tend to follow bloggers I meet at events and a lot of the time they follow me back, not only that but because you’ve met in real life you’re more likely to comment on each others posts, write on their Facebook page wall, comment on their Instagram etc etc-it builds interaction too. Meeting the brands opens the door for possibly working with them-you’ve now met, you could choose to e-mail them to ask about working together, you may have already discussed this at the event. Or they may remember you months down the line and contact you themselves. If nothing else, it’s again helping to get your blog name known-never a bad thing.


How do you find out about them?

There are a few ways I’ve found out about events. I’ve been e-mailed by PR agencies asking me if I want to come, because they’ve found me on twitter or because I’m a member of their network. I’ve seen information about other events on Twitter myself and contacted the organiser asking if they have spaces left. I’ve seen tweets SAYING there are spaces at an event and I’ve replied asking to attend. Or I’ve seen about the event on Facebook and put myself straight into the list.


Basically, blogger events are a great way to meet other bloggers and they are tons of fun. I’d really recommend getting yourself to some!


Have you been to any blogging events? Which have you loved, and why? Or do you have any questions about blogging events? Ask me in the comments below or you can tweet me @Insdelaurashead.



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