Dear New Blogger #4-I Have A Blog, Now What?

It’s been a while since I’ve written something for this series but it’s January and we seem to have an influx of enthusiastic new bloggers in blogger groups I’m in, so I thought it was about time I added to this. Do check out my previous posts in the Dear New Blogger series:

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Dear New Blogger #4-I Have A Blog-Now What?

So if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’ve created yourself a blog and written a post or two. Maybe you’ve told a couple of your friends about it and they’ve read it. If you’re anything like I was, you’ll be sat looking at your three followers, thrilled that you’ve had ten page views-and that’s HONESTLY awesome. It’s such a good feeling, isn’t it? But, what do you do now?

Well…what you do, is you keep writing, and then you promote. Then you get out there and interact with the blogging community. And then interact some more. I’ll cover how to connect with the blogging community in a future post in this series for you.


Writing a post

Make sure you’re writing something YOU would like to read. Don’t be afraid to write something now and come back to it later, with fresh eyes. If you don’t know what you fancy writing about, there are lots of bloggers who have posted suggestions-if you type in beauty blogger post ideas into google, for example, you get tons of results. You could search lifestyle or travel or fitness, whatever your genre is-and remember you DON’T need to give yourself a genre, either. Lifestyle tends to cover all topics.

Make sure you have photos to break up the text in your post, if possible (I appreciate I don’t in this post-I am in dire need of taking some stock photos! There will be a post on how I do my photography for the blog in this series shortly too, if you’re struggling)

Your post needs to have a bit of structure-what are you telling us about? Lets say you’re reviewing a lipstick. Your readers will want to know where they can buy it, how much it is and what the formula is like, as well as how long it lasts. They’ll be expecting to see swatches of the colour, and maybe a photo of your full face made up with you using that lipstick. There’s no point you saying ‘I bought this lipstick and I like it, tell us WHY, tell us what you’d wear it with, what is it similar to-give us lots of information. What would you want to know about the lipstick?

Definitely, ALWAYS run your post through a spelling and grammar checker, especially if you know you aren’t the best at proof reading. We all make mistakes, but a post with lots of spelling mistakes isn’t easy to read. Make people want to come back and just get that post checked.

Promoting a post

There are so many ways you can promote your posts-I’m guilty of not making the most of some of them. I use twitter a lot, posting my latest post on my twitter feed regularly, and also relevant older posts I want to get more exposure for. I use relevant hashtags (#bbloggers for beauty, #lbloggers for lifestyle, #travelbloggers for travel etc) and I usually tag in #thegirlgang too. I add a RT account like @femalebloggerRT or @lovingblogs and I often use tweetdeck to schedule my promotional tweets in advance. (I also offer tweet scheduling as a service for bloggers, so hit me up if you’d rather pay someone to do this for

I post my posts on my blog’s Facebook page too, and I pin the most recent one to the top. I also share it in Facebook groups (when the group allows this-some do and some don’t, check the rules!) and if I have a relevant photo I post it on Instagram and talk about my blog post in the caption.

I DON’T share my posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Klout, Reddit or anything else-but I am definitely going to look at doing this. A lot of people tell me they get lots of traffic from Pinterest in particular.

Do you have anything I should add to this post? Are you a new blogger who has found this useful?



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