December/Blogmas Goals

So, day 5 of December/Blogmas and I suddenly remembered my monthly goals posts-oops. This one is going to be a ‘What I want to achieve during Blogmas’ post so that I can shoehorn it in, ha ha. Hey it’s my blog, so it’s allowed, right?


Hit 400 followers on Instagram.


I’ve been trying to grow my Insta for AGES and I’m getting nowhere fast. This month I’m really going to try to grow it, using relevant hashtags, following new people myself, plugging it on Twitter and commenting on other people’s pics.


Post a variety of posts


I don’t want my Blogmas to be all about gift suggestions and wishlists, although there will be SOME of that. I want personal posts, old photographs, lists, outfit posts, a variety. I’m HOPING this comes off.


Hit 350 followers on Bloglovin


Again I’ve been working on growing my Bloglovin following and it does grow, just slowly. If I can hit 350 by the end of the year I’ll be so pleased.


Hit 400 likes on my Facebook page, and improve my engagement on there too


I love having a Facebook presence for Inside Laura’s Head and I’m not far from 400, I’d love to hit it but I’m more bothered about chatting to followers on there. So if you’ve liked my page, do comment on posts so I can get to know you a bit. And if you don’t already like the page, why not? You can find all my social media links at the bottom of this post, and in the right hand column too.


Wrap my presents in an Instagrammable way!


Isn’t this every Blogger’s December goal? Pretty presents to put photos of on Insta. We’ll see, wrapping isn’t my forte.


What are your December/Blogmas goals?




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