Deciding To Cancel A Trip

When you book a trip, you really look forward to it. You start to plan what you want to do at your destination, what you want to see, you buy the guide book and you make lists. Sometimes you pitch to hotels to work with, or attractions, or the tourist board. I did all of this when I booked Berlin for the 18th to 20th October with my Mum, and I was so excited to see a city I’ve wanted to see for a while. Then the Ryanair issue happened, and I ended up deciding to cancel a trip.

At the time of writing this, my flight has not been cancelled. It looks like they’re flying both there and back with no problem, so we could still go. I haven’t finalised a hotel, but I have some ongoing pitches, and I’ve secured travel passes for us both. Sadly though, my Mum is so worried we will get stranded in Berlin. She doesn’t have her travel insurance yet, and we know that if she books it now it won’t cover if her flight is cancelled (my annual policy, purchased in March would cover mine) and to cut a long story short, I didn’t think I could listen to Mum worrying for three weeks, changing her mind every five minutes about whether to go or not, so I’ve decided we’re not going.

Angel of the north against a bright blue sky

This means I need to e-mail everyone I’ve pitched to and apologise for wasting their time, which isn’t ideal. Hopefully they’ll understand though the position we’re in. I WILL get to Berlin-probably next year, on a solo trip-and I’ll really make the most of being there when I do. For now, though-we are going to do an overnight in the North East of England instead. The North East is beautiful and somewhere I’ve not explored enough, so I know I’ll enjoy that, and it still gives me blog content for you guys which is good. It’s just not Berlin, which is really sad.

Have you ever decided to cancel a trip? Why?


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