At Inside Laura’s Head I accept sponsored (that is, paid for) posts commissioned by brands and or PR agencies. I also accept items sent in return for a review. I will always declare when an item has been sent by a brand for review, or a post is sponsored-both by putting an * at the beginning of the title, and confirming at the end of the post.

Even if an item is sent by a brand or a post is paid for, all opinions will be honest and truthful. I only accept review items or sponsored posts that I feel my readers will be interested in, and that I want to try myself. I review lots of items I have chosen and pair for myself, too. If an item is sent to me without my permission, I am under no obligation to review that item.

I do not accept paid for follow links in my posts, as this is against Google’s terms and may lead to my blog being penalised. I also do not accept prewritten content.

I have the final say over what is written about or advertised on my blog or on my social media channels, and I will turn down anything that is against my principles.

If you are interested in working with me at Inside Laura’s Head, you can view my media kit or e-mail me at insidelaurashead@hotmail.com