*Do You Need Wifi When Travelling?

As a blogger, I am always connected to the internet. If I’m not on Twitter I’ll be watching someone’s Instagram stories or adding to my own. I want to reply to my e-mails quickly in case I miss an opportunity and I feel very nervous if I can’t read the news sites. Having access to wifi is important to me and it’s definitely something I look for when booking a hotel, so when I was asked to collaborate with KBR, business WiFi providers, to see if having access to wifi is as important to other people when travelling, I was sure I knew the answer already. Do you need wifi when travelling?

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Travellers behaviour  

Companies now market holidays differently. In my age group, 46% book travel through a smartphone so websites need to be optimized and mobile responsive. 87% look at Facebook for travel inspiration. Hopefully a lot of them are looking at Bloggers’ Facebook pages before booking, because our travel content is THE BEST.

According to research carried out by Statista, free Wi-Fi is the deciding factor for both business and leisure travellers. I’m not shocked but I am interested to see the statistics.  

Business travellers  

49% of business travellers thought that free wifi was the most important thing. Only 14% were bothered about breakfast and, surprisingly, only 6% cares about having a comfortable work chair and desk. You’d think someone travelling for business would need that workspace, but then I work from my bed a lot so maybe they do too. I can see why having internet is so important, I’ve travelled for work in a previous job and I still had to finish and send a report, reply to e-mails etc and my hotel didn’t have wifi-meaning I had to use expensive mobile phone data to get my work done. So annoying. It’s a good thing more hotels are providing wifi now.


Leisure travellers  

People travelling for leisure aren’t quite as bothered, with 25% prioritising free wifi. They’re more bothered about breakfast though, with 22% of them wanting breakfast to be included. I am very much the same, I love a hotel breakfast.


It turns out that 65% of guest log oIt’s evident that Wi-Fi has adapted itself into our everyday lives and we are becoming more reliant on it, with 65% of guests logging onto the Wi-Fi within seven minutes of arrival.  That’s not a shock, it’s the first thing I do too, 

Hotels are now assigning larger budgets to continue the use of wifi within their hotels. And as a customer, I’m really pleased to hear that.  

What do you think? Do you need wifi when travelling?



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