*Doing Christmas On A Budget

Christmas costs a fortune doesn’t it? All of those parties, drinks with friends you ‘must see before Christmas’, trips to the Christmas market, that new festive terrible jumper, travel home to see family if you live away-and that’s before you start on the boxes of chocolate, food for Christmas dinner-oh yeah and presents for everyone! So when Morses Club asked me to share my tips on how to do Christmas cheaper, I had a think about what I usually do, and what I would do if I was hosting Christmas. Here’s how I’d do Christmas on a budget.

Remember you are buying food for ONE DAY only

Too many people get carried away and buy enough extra food for a month. I used to too, but now I’m a bit more sensible. A box of chocolates is enough for one person over Christmas, there’s no need to buy three. I buy a couple of packets of fancy crisps and something nice to drink, but I buy a small amount, with the plan being to have treats for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, no more. This saves an absolute fortune each year.

Buy gifts in the sale in January/throughout the year

I’m not organised enough to do this but every year I wish I was, and when I have my own house and so somewhere to store said gifts I WILL be buying things for people n the January sales. This year I started shopping in September and took advantage of a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug when buying some specific gifts, so I saved 33% of my total spend there. It all adds up (and I saved enough for my Christmas Eve drinks!)

Organise a Secret Santa

I’ve done this with friends before-when there’s a large group and you all buy for each other, why not suggest you draw a Secret Santa name each and only buy for one person, with a higher budget than you’d normally spend on each person (but less than the group total) For example, seven friends spending £15 each on each other could spend £50 on a bigger gift for their Secret Santa, meaning each person gets one better gift and also saves £40 (plus gift wrap, and time spent shopping!)

Suggest ‘presence, not presents’

If a Secret Santa arrangement doesn’t work for you and your friends why not suggest you go for a meal, or ice skating, or some other activity rather than buying gifts? This saves time AND money, as you get to do your before Christmas catch up and it’s cheaper than lots of presents. I’d rather spend time with my friends, anyway.

How do you do Christmas on a budget?

*This post has been written in collaboration with Morses Club. All thoughts, opinions and Christmas on a budget tips are my own.


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