DW Festive Fitness Challenge

For the past few weeks, I’ve been (quietly, as it happens) taking part in a 12 week fitness challenge with DW Fitness Festive Challenge. My blogging slump has meant I’ve not posted at all about this and indeed that for the first fortnight I did nothing and lost nothing. However, in the second fortnight I got my finger out and I lost 9lbs. I am OVER THE MOON with that. And it’s made me second on the leaderboard, which is not too shabby!


DW Fitness have given us weekly themes to blog on and so from now on I am going to be a better blogger and I’m actually going to do it. The brief for last week (okay so I’m late with this post-but at least I’m doing it now!) is as follows:


This week, we want you to discuss any struggles you’ve had, whether that’s timekeeping, controlling cravings or getting the support from your family and friends. As well as finding out more surrounding the struggles you’ve had, we’d like to find out how you’ve overcome them.


Right, time to confess then. My main struggle has always been motivation. I KNOW I want to lose weight, I want to fit back into my size 10 jeans and look and feel amazing. But I just want to sit on the sofa watching Netflix and eating crisps. I find it hard to motivate myself to get up and move, and I find it hard to stop the comfort eating. I did Weight Watchers years ago and got down to half a stone above my goal weight. Looking back, I looked amazing. And I was so happy with myself. And then I started spending more time with my then boyfriend and all we did was eat takeaways and snacks and things-mainly because he was always skint-and I put the weight back on, and more. I’m now approximately four stone above my goal, but you know what three weeks ago I was five stone above my goal so I am heading in the right direction for sure!


So, what has changed? How (and why?) have I started to overcome my issues? Well, a few things. One is losing the job I was doing, and finishing there two weeks ago. It’s meant that I am no longer raiding the vending machine for breakfast and midmorning (boredom) and mid afternoon sometimes (stress or boredom). It’s meant I’ve got longer to make and eat lunch at home, rather than half an hour, in which I’d nip to McDonalds or the chippy or Subway. My anxiety has been bad which has taken away my appetite quite a bit. I’ve been doing pole dancing once a week for the past eight weeks and I’ve been doing some of our warm ups and cool downs, and a few of the cardio exercises we do, at home.


As far as I’m concerned, long may this continue. I’ve got gorgeous, sophisticated dresses to fit into for Christmas and New Year!


Tell me about your weight loss struggles, and how you’ve overcome them.




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