*Eating For A Week For Less Than £50

My main focus at the moment, aside from booking as much travel as I can, is eating more healthily, with an aim of losing weight. I’m 3lbs down in the first two weeks of this and I’m pretty happy with that, but I have such a long way to go to hit my goal. Eating healthily can often seem expensive and so when I was asked to try eating for a week for less than £50 by Satsuma Loans, it seemed easy. Turns out, not so much.



I’ve really been getting into smoothies lately so I make one every morning, but so they fill me up I add protein. Most days I have melon and berries, with some natural yoghurt or almond milk and peanut butter. I’ve worked out that I can easily spend £10 on a weeks worth of smoothie ingredients-though this does leave some left over fruit, which I chop and freeze. I probably only need to buy fruit for three weeks out of four.

I also have a bagel, Warburtons do a ‘thin’ protein bagel, which is full of different seeds and is really tasty. Alongside my smoothie, this definitely keeps me full until lunchtime.



Two days a week, I let myself buy lunch from the cafe next to work. This costs £4 a day but colleagues go there most days and I feel left out. The rest of the days I take a ready meal, or leftovers from my tea the night before, plus some sort of yoghurt for extra calcium and protein.



I eat a lot of meat with rice or cous cous, and as much veg as I can. Most of my teas have three portions, so you’re looking at £1-£1.50 worth of veg per meal. I mostly have fresh veg and some tinned, but I should really buy more frozen as it’s cheaper overall.



When I think about the extras I use with every meal-ketchup, salt, vinegar, stock cubes, butter-as well as teabags and milk, and then cupboard staples like eggs and cheese, it’s easy to see how £50 doesn’t go far if you’re starting with nothing.


Saving money

To make things cheaper, I could:

  • Drink less tea (and so buy less milk too)
  • Drink more tap water (which absolutely does have a cost, but it’s the cheapest liquid by far)
  • Buy frozen fruit and veg, not fresh and tinned
  • Cut out meat for at least half of my meals, replacing it with things like eggs to add protein
  • Have slightly smaller portions, making the food I have last a little longer
  • Cut out the snacks on an evening, as crisps, ice lollies and biscuits add a fair few pounds a week to my shopping bill

This post is by no means a brag, or suggesting you need £50 a week to be able to eat properly. You absolutely don’t, and plenty of people live off far less. My link to Satsuma loans, above, has some more tips on how to eat for less. I’d also like to point out that I appreciate how lucky I am, getting to go out and do food reviews through this blog.

*This post was written in collaboration with Satsuma loans, who sent me £50 to spend on my food for the week. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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  1. July 15, 2018 / 6:23 pm

    I know I ought to cut back on food spends… its going to have to be my challenge in school holidays!

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