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If you’ve been reading Inside Laura’s Head recently, or indeed any of my social media, you’ll know that I’ve been very busy with events recently. One of the most exciting ones was my invitation to go and take the Emmerdale Studio tour. I was able to bring my best friend Deb with me and it’s the first event in two years that I’ve managed to invite her to-which was good as she’s always been so supportive of my blogging. It was really nice to show her what happens at an event.




The tour lasts about an hour and a half (I think-the time flew by so I can’t quite remember how long we were!) and once done you finish up in The Woolpack for a drink, and a photo taking of you and whoever you’re with pulling a pint behind the bar. The photo is included in the ticket price which is really cool.

In true Laura fashion we arrived early-then parked in the wrong car park, went into the wrong reception, and got totally confused. We eventually did get ourselves round to the right place in time for a quick drink before our tour started, which was nice.


We were able to have a look at how scenes are planned by making a storyboard, and look at the plans for each actor in a big more detail (old stuff obviously, they wouldn’t want to spoil a surprise-although apparently they once nearly did as they didn’t realise the storyboards showed a brand new, secret scene-whoops!)



We got to see Edna’s coat, Dan’s wedding suit from his wedding to Kerry (how pink does one suit need to be, really!?) and Moira’s wedding dress from her wedding to Cain-so cool to see these properly.


I don’t want to tell you lots about the tour because I’m not nearly as good as the tour guides and I missed a lot of what they were saying due to taking photos, however I can share my photos and tell you that you get to see lots of behind the scenes stuff, such as how they do the weather, and how the sets are (for obvious reasons these are replica sets, can you imagine the chaos if us bloggers had ruined the salon and they were due to shoot in there in the morning? Not that we EVER would have, but they can’t be too careful can they!)

If you’re an Emmerdale fan you’ll know that below is Bernice’s Salon, the Dingles’ house, and the sofa of the house that now belongs to Rhona and Piers, which was originally Paddy and Emily’s house way back when.





I’m still pretty excited that I was allowed to sit on Rhona and Piers’ sofa, to be honest! I wish we’d been able to wander onto the set at the Dingles’ but sadly I had to make do with the photos I got. Their set is so intricate though, you just want to give the cupboards a good wash-so authentic!


Recognise this? Yep, it’s a model of the cellar from when Killer Cameron tried to drown everyone-I LOVED that episode!




We had a really good evening doing the tour, and then enjoyed a drink and some very Yorkshire canapes in The Woolpack set afterwards-mini fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding bites and mini sausages with mash went down so well!

I’d really recommend any Emmerdale fans go on the tour, you can buy tickets here and it’s a fun way to pass a couple of hours.

Are you an Emmerdale fan? Do you fancy the tour?

*We were invited on the Emmerdale Studio tour free of charge, in return for a review. As with all content on Inside Laura’s Head, this post is my honest opinion and is in no way influenced by being given a free tour.




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