*Finding A Villa In Turkey

Turkey is a country I never thought I’d like. I’d heard so many rumours of how it was full of waiters trying to marry English girls for a visa so they could move to England and then divorce them, that Turkish food was terrible and how you couldn’t walk down a street without being hassled. And then I went to Turkey, twice, and fell in love. (Although the walking down the street thing is kind of true-but say ‘no thank you’ firmly and you will be left alone, it’s not as bad as it sounds) This post talks a little bit about my two trips and why next time, I’ll be looking for a villa in Turkey.

My first holiday was to Marmaris. We were in a nice hotel full of British tourists but after a day of so, other holiday makers get annoying. We spent a week doing different excursions in the area, like a jeep safari and a boat trip to see turtles and have an outdoor mudbath, as well as booking an indoor turkish baths experience. But, I could have done all of that with a better experience if I’d hired a villa. I’m someone who, when I go to bed, wants complete silence, darkness, and ideally no one else in the room. If I have a desk where I can sit and work when my companion has gone to bed then so much the better, and you just don’t get that in a hotel. I also dream of a pool where I can swim without being splashed, or jumped on by random children. And I’d like to be able to make a snack, and do some washing.

(Terrible photo of me courtesy of my friend Natalie, way back before I knew how to pose or to keep my eyes open in a photo…)

The second trip was to Bodrum. The three of us struggled for both wardrobe space and actual space in our hotel, and the food wasn’t great. There was no atmosphere in our hotel as it was the end of the season so, whilst we didn’t have to share the pool with many people, mealtimes were boring. Chips and Omelettes featured heavily, typical British all inclusive food and I craved something different, but my friends didn’t fancy going out for tea much as we’d paid for all inclusive. I would have been happier if I could cook myself something different some nights but we didn’t even have a kettle, let along cooking facilities. Hotels are fine for a couple of nights in a city somewhere but I definitely think when I go back to Turkey, I should be opting to stay in a nice villa instead.

Step forward Clickstay. They have villas in Turkey¬†and I’m currently eyeing up a boat in Marmaris that sleeps eight and comes with a captain! I think it’s a tiny bit out of my budget though but it looks stunning. Maybe one day, eh?

Clickstay have villas in lots of different countries and it’s well worth checking their website out. You’ll be surprise just how many options there are and hopefully they’ll help you find your perfect trip, wherever you fancy.

Where do you want to go next? Will you be looking for a villa there? Have you booked with Clickstay before?


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