Finding love in 2018

It’s a shiny new year, and I for one am excited about it. I’m hoping 2018 is going to bring me new challenges work wise, new clients, new experience and hopefully a new love interest! I’m not hugely upset about being single (mostly because I have my girls, anyway!) but I’m open to the thought of meeting someone now. I can’t help thinking though thatĀ in 2018 we should take a different look at how we meet people, and so here’s my thoughts on different ways of finding love in 2018.

Finding love by letting friends fix you up

I think people discount this too much these days, but the old fashioned ‘hey, I think you’d like my friend’ is way underrated. Your friends know you well and want the best for you, so often the person they recommend as a potential date is bang on for you, certainly in my experience. (Ringing round my friends asking them which single men they know as we speak!)

Finding love by getting to know people from work

Office romances aren’t as frowned upon anymore (though do check there’s nothing in your contract about it before putting the moves on the gorgeous bloke from IT!) so get chatting to that person you’re intrigued by. You’ll probably find you’ve got loads in common and, if nothing else, you’ll have a new work friend. We all need those, a bit of an office flirtation makes the day go faster for sure.

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Finding love by slidingĀ into that guy’s DMs

As long as you’re respectful, I see no problem with a message being ever so slightly flirty when there’s someone on Twitter you think is great. Everyone likes a polite compliment (I’m thinking ‘hey, your new hair looks great!’ rather than ‘oi, nice tits’) and who knows where it will lead. Inspired by a lovely friend of mine who’s done just that, I think I’m going to do this at least once this year, because it’s brave and being brave and putting yourself out there can be so attractive.

Finding love on Online dating sites

These have dropped off most people’s radars in the last few years, as we’re all playing on Tinder/Bumble/POF/goodness knows what else instead. Online dating sites, whilst seeming old fashioned, tend to take a bit longer to sign up for, indicating that the person is more serious about looking for someone. There’s all sorts out there: London dating site, Derbyshire dating sites, dating Bedfordshire, single women in Gwynedd, and date Cambridgeshire singles being just a few. And, if YOU aren’t looking for anything serious, there’s always No Strings Dating!

What are you planning, dating wise, for 2018? Are you hoping to be finding love?

*This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.




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