*Firepit Bingley Review

One of my favourite words is ‘food’. Add the word ‘free’ to that and throw in ‘cocktails’ and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking ‘hooray!’ So when I was asked to go and review The Firepit, Bingley, the night before it officially opened-well, of course I said yes. Read on for my Firepit Bingley review.

I’m always the driver to things like this so I have a couple of sips of someone else’s cocktail and that’s my lot. I was incredibly lucky for this review though, I invited one of my work friends and he agreed to drive, so I got to sample a few of the cocktails from the menu, as well as drink too much Prosecco (side note-Prosecco hangovers are THE WORST, am I right?)

Outside of Firepit, Bingley

The Firepit used to be a fire station and the decor is quite industrial, lots of wood and metal which reflects its history. I love the DJ booth which is the front end of a car-very cool. The pre-launch was really busy, lots of people stood downstairs drinking and chatting and I can imagine the atmosphere will be just as good on a busy Friday or Saturday night. There are some tables downstairs and there’s a balcony with (I think) a pool table-I didn’t actually make it up to have a proper look.

The downstairs is more of a Sports Bar, intended for drinks and bar snacks. Upstairs there’s the Smokehouse restaurant, where you can order from their comprehensive menu with dishes to suit all budgets-you can get a burger for around £10, or more snacky dishes for around £5 each. If you want to push the boat out you can go for their £70 sharing platter.

We were given the best table in the house-one of the booths in what is basically half a caravan-really quirky. It felt more private than the rest of the tables and I’ll definitely be trying to sit at that table when I return (which I will be doing as I need to try more cocktails!)

The waitresses and waiters were handing round platters of the different meat they serve-I tried some ribs and some chicken and my god, so good. Then the Chef came out to speak to us before he brought our food. He said he was going to surprise us with what he brought out but it was their best dish and he was clearly really excited about what he was cooking for us. We soon found out why-check out what appeared at our table!

This is called The Tomahawk and the photo is deceptive, the steak doesn’t look that big but it was MASSIVE. It would’ve easily fed four of us and in fact it did-the half David and I didn’t eat went home with me. There was no way I was wasting that amazing steak. It’s a bargain at £29.95.

I had a brilliant night at The Firepit and I will definitely be back.



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