*First Date Locations

Choosing somewhere to go on a first date can be really tricky, can’t it? The stereotypical American ‘dinner and a movie’ (or tea and a film if you’re in Yorkshire!) is just too much for me-an entire meal making small talk is really uncomfortable and then you’re watching a film in silence for two hours or more which means you can’t talk to your date. Going for a drink is my default date but that’s not ideal either, as there can be the same awkward silence issue.

Ideally, I like to DO something on a date. If you ARE in the pub, get on the quiz machine or play pool. Even better, go ice skating, roller blading, or bowling. If you have a shared hobby, and you’ve realised you do from your pre date talking, try and incorporate that (I DREAM of someone going ‘hey I love photography too, lets go shoot-that would be so much fun, and we’d be able to talk about the technical side of photography whilst also chatting about ourselves-boo, where ARE the attractive, single photographer men in West Yorkshire at anyway?)

Bubble tea and connect four

If you’re a bit sportier and more adventurous than I am, there’s even things like a climbing wall, laser quest, even siller things like crazy golf or go ape. I can honestly say though that after doing go ape with me I doubt the guy would want a second date as I’d probably just cry!

If you’re looking for someone to explore local, more unusual first date locations with you there’s so many local sites around, like Cornwall singlesCumbria singlesNottingham datingBedfordshire dating and Belfast dating. There so many more too. Imagine how many quirky locations there are in all these places, to head off to on a first date!

Where’s the best place you’ve been to on a first date? Do you have any failsafe first date locations?

*This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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