First Impressions Of Wroclaw

I arrived at Wroclaw airport late last night, after my Wizz Air flight from Doncaster (which I’ve written about, if you’re interested-click the link to the left) All I saw of the city before going to sleep was a very odd taxi journey with a man who played me his favourite English music, told his friend he had a hot woman in the back, then tried to give me his jacket when he dropped me at my hotel. Erm, no thank you, odd taxi man! Waking up this morning I was excited to get up and out and after wandering around for a few hours, I thought I’d have a rest, a large glass of apple juice, and write up this post.

Fountains in Market Square, Wroclaw

My first thoughts on seeing a bit more of the city is just how fairytale-like it really is. There’s so many pastel buildings, big open cobbled squares, street performers, people blowing bubbles-I even wandered into a park which had an old Merry Go Round in the middle, full of children riding the white horses. There are lots of fountains, even more dwarves (statues, there are lots of them scattered around the city to find) and, unlike most cities I’ve been to, there’s not much street art that I’ve seen so far. That’s not a bad thing-I love street art, but the lack of it contributes to the magical, fairytale feel of the city. I’d say its less big busy city, more the land of far, far away (if you’ve never seen Shrek you won’t get this reference at all, apologies-but if you have, that’s Wroclaw in a nutshell)

Pastel houses in Market Square, Wroclaw

The only thing that’s put me off, so far, is every time I sit down I seem to be accosted by people trying to beg-whether it’s for money, or trying to take my food when I was sat eating lunch. Now, if these people are genuinely in need then I have every sympathy and would help them, but in a lot of cities these people are just out to scam-I don’t know enough about this country to know which it is, so I reserve judgement. I don’t like people coming up and attempting to stick their hands into my food, whatever their situation.

Pastel building in Wroclaw, Poland

I’ve got very lucky so far with the weather, it’s about 20 degrees here and so I’m wearing a dress without tights, and my birkenstocks. I’m pretty happy I can get some vitamin d which will really help with my deficiency, lets hope I feel a bit better after this weekend.

Pastel houses with a tree and bubbles in Market Square, Wroclaw

Have you been to Wroclaw before? What were your thoughts?


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