Flying from Humberside Airport with KLM

A few months ago I complained on Twitter that I had no one to explore the world with, and asked how people find travel buddies in 2017. Two bloggers, Ashton and Tamzin replied that they were in the same boat and so we started chatting. A couple of weeks later, we’d booked flights to Amsterdam, and then Kirsty joined the group chat and booked her flights too. I was very nervous as I was flying from a new airport, Humberside, with a new airline, KLM
After a nightmare drive to Ashton’s house (the M62 was closed at two different junctions and so I kept having to divert!) I was running about 45 minutes behind my planned schedule, and for me that’s hard to cope with. I’m very much a get to the airport two hours before my flight person, and Ashton is more laid back, so we’d already agreed to meet in the middle and get to the airport an hour before boarding. With my delay it was only going to be 30 minutes and that made me panic.
On arrival at Humberside I realised why Ashton was so chilled about this airport. It’s a tiny little airport, we got through security in five minutes, got food and a table within 10, and could see the gate from our chairs. After a lovely cup of tea and a toastie, and being the last to board our very cute little plane, we were off!
As I’ve never flown with KLM before I didn’t know what to expect. I knew my hand luggage was 5cm too wide and that I was slightly over my weight limit too (when packing I thought it was a 12kg bag and then a smaller bag, I didn’t realise it was 12kg across the two bags) and to be honest, KLM could’ve been difficult and charged me for a hold bag both ways. No one batted an eyelid though and I got straight onto the plane no bother. (Definitely don’t take my word for this when you fly though, this was at my own risk!) Once on the plane we could’ve sat where we fancied as it was less than half full, in the end we sat in our allocated seats but kept the middle seat to put things on. Living the dream!
Once we’d taken off I was really surprised that there was no in flight magazine with a food menu-I like a cup of tea on a flight. Brilliantly though the cabin crew brought round a mini packed lunch for everyone-I wasn’t expecting this at all. Look how cute it is! I’d just eaten so mine went in my bag for later, I knew I’d definitely eat it in my hotel room at some point.
All in all I’m hugely impressed with both Humberside Airport and KLM. I wouldn’t hesitate to use both again for future trips.

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  1. May 16, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    oh wow i didnt realised there was an airport there! it sounds like one near us in Doncaster thats only small and I love it. Its so much nicer being smaller and less chaotic isnt it

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