*Getting Fit With Cycling

In the next couple of weeks there’s going to be a post for you about how I’ve decided to lose weight-and instead of just saying I’m going to do it like I have before I’ve actually stared to do it. That’s pretty exciting, and three weeks in I’m already seeing a difference in how my clothes fit. So, I thought I’d do a post now about what I’ve been doing, in case you fancy dropping a few pounds too (disclaimer-I’m not saying anyone needs to lose weight. I’m saying that I am 5 stone heavier than I want to be and so I CHOSE TO. You do you) Here’s how I’ll be getting fit with cycling (and other things)


I’ve been eating two meals a day-a late brunch, and a late tea. If I was up early enough I’d have a proper breakfast but I’m not, so I go for eggs or cereal, a small glass of fruit juice and then a big bowl of fruit in the afternoon. I have a decent tea-usually some sort of meat, potatoes or rice and veg. I sometimes have a yoghurt afterwards too. Then if I’m hungry later (I’m usually awake until 3am) I have a bowl of cereal.


I’ve been trying to walk more, as well as going up and down the steps three or four times when I need to go once. As well as upping my step count I’ve been on my exercise bike in front of the tv, and I think when the weather is better I’ll be looking for somewhere with cycling bargains so I can buy myself a new bike and head outside to cycle there too.

There’ll be a full weightloss progress update post coming in the next couple of weeks when I’m a bit further into this journey, but I’m feeling good.

Have you ever tried getting fit with cycling, or other ways? What’s worked for you?


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  1. October 3, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    This sounds very exciting Laura. It is always lovely to watch someones journey towards their goal. I do love cycling. And you meals sounds lovely. I also cannot believe you are awake till 3am! xx

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