Glasgow Food Diary

I’ll admit to cheating slightly when I’m writing this post-I loved my main meal each day so much that I’m planning to review the places we chose to eat seperately! But, I can still write a Glasgow food diary post for you guys and will just link back to the more detailed reviews so if you like the sound of anywhere, you can read back.


Breakfast was a big bowl of cereal at home, before I set off! Boring, yes-but I knew I had a long drive ahead.

Lunch was my standard road trip meal-a Burger King, which I only ever eat in airports or service stations. A Chicken Royale with Cheese meal and a Coke, which always sets me up for a drive/plane journey.

For tea we chose to go to Smoke Barbecue, which was a very meat based menu-perfect for me as I’m a big meat fan.

Smoke Barbecue sign

A glass full of popcorn and a bottle of Smoke Barbecue Sauce on a wooden table


Breakfast was a hot chocolate and a cheese and ham toastie at Costa Coffee. We just needed something quick before we went street art hunting.

Lunch gave us a chance to try Chippy Doon The Lane, which Fiona said was pretty well known. I really enjoyed the fish and chips there and think the good reputation is definitely deserved.

I called for a bubble tea at Tempo Tea bar mid afternoon, I’m a big bubble tea fan.

Fiona went home for tea with her family and so I went for a drive, calling at McDonalds for tea and then Asda for snacks which I had back at my air b n b whilst watching YouTube. Sometimes a lazy night is much needed.

A cup full of bubble tea on a pink table with a game of connect four

Chippy Doon The Lane, Glasgow sign


Breakfast was a hot chocolate and a scone at Kelvingrove Museum before we had a look at some of Fiona’s favourite exhibits. I loved taking photos of the gorgeous interior of the museum too, it was very much my kind of place.

Lunch was at Tribeca for their amazing pancakes (I only ate one, as was worried if I was too full I’d fall asleep on my drive home!)

I set off driving home afterwards so tea was toast when I got back-very boring!

Have you eaten anywhere I’ve mentioned in this Glasgow Food Diary? Where else do you recommend?



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